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  Benedict Allen - explorer, author, filmmaker, public speaker
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Benedict Allen DVDs

Last of the Medicine Men
£16 (+ £2 p+p)

  Last of the Medicine Men
(8 x 30 minutes, 2000)

An investigation into the dramatic and mysterious world of shamans and witchdoctors around the globe, focusing on the harmonious, herb-gathering Mentawai of Siberut, the shamans now bizarrely emerging in urban Tuva, the Vodou practises of Haiti, and the Huichol of Mexico - where perhaps the most traditional community of north America gave Benedict the rare privilege of ritually taking their peyote, the hallucinogenic cacti, to bring him at last "face-to-face" with the gods.



£16 (+ £2 p+p)

(6 x 30 minutes, 2002)

Benedict’s journey of 1000 miles with a ten resilient and strong-willed Chukotka dogs through Siberia in the worst winter in living memory. Assisted by two superb Chukchis, or “reindeer herders” Benedict made his way to the Bering Strait, and then set out alone with his dogs in an attempt to cross it. But it wasn’t that easy! Benedict had been suffering from frostbite from the first day of the trip; and now would be alone with Polar bears, wolves, and his dogs. Would his lead dog, “Top Dog,” trust him enough, once they were alone together, and exposed to dangers of the Arctic?

The Skeleton Coast
£16 (+ £2 p+p)

  The Skeleton Coast - a journey through the Namib Desert
(6 x 30 minutes, 1997)

Named after the bleached bones and scattered remains of shipwrecks washed up on its shore, The Skeleton Coast is where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean in south-western Africa. Benedict trained three camels - including the indomitable Nelson - single-handedly, and walked them up the coast on a thousand mile trek, the first time this had been permitted through the diamond-scattered and harsh but delicate environment.

The Edge of Blue Heaven
£16 (+ £2 p+p)

  The Edge of Blue Heaven - a journey through Mongolia
(6 x 30 minutes, 1998)

A five and half month trek by horse and camel from the forests of Siberia, across the open plains of the Mongolian steppe and on to a 1000 mile lone crossing of the Gobi Desert. As usual, it is by tuning into local skills, in this case those of the nomadic Mongols, that the journey proves possible.



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