Adventure For Boys: The Lost Worlds Of Rider Haggard

If it's of interest, I'm the presenter of this documentary on the author of King Solomon's Mines and She - showing on BBC 4 at 21:00, 27 December 2006.

As a child I was inspired by Haggard's thrilling tales of intrepid explorers searching Africa for lost worlds and hidden treasures. In this programme I share my love of Haggard's writing with – as the press release goes – "a host of famous fans including Jonathan Ross, Fay Weldon, Ian Duncan Smith, John Mortimer, Ekow Eshun and John Sessions."


Twentieth Century Travel writers

In early 2007 I'll be making a three part series for BBC 4 on the greatest British travel writers – concentrating on Eric Newby, Patrick Leigh Fermor and Laurie Lee. It's rather early days for this project, but hopes to cover the gulf between the great era of Exploration, and the present era of Mass Tourism.


Ice Dogs DVD – Occasional Fault

It appears that there's been a problem with some of the Ice Dogs DVDs. They are now all checked – or rather, tried out, briefly – before dispatch. But please let me know if you have trouble with this or any other DVD and I'll replace them as soon as I can.


Into The Abyss

I've been unable to find time to place an extract of the Into the Abyss book on this site, as yet. Apologies. I've been heavily involved in other things, including, of course, promoting the book. Hope to post something soon.


Rider Haggard TV Programme

Presenting I'm involved in the making of a programme for BBC 4 – the life of Rider Haggard, the Victorian author who wrote huge bestsellers in his time – notably King Solomon's Mines, and She. These have highly influential in the way that adventure stories have been told through the years – shaping such rip-roaring cinema tales as the Indiana Jones films and Star Wars.


Book Preview

Benedict Allen INTO THE ABYSS book cover

An excerpt from the new book, INTO THE ABYSS: explorers on the edge of survival, will be posted on the website shortly!


New Book!!

Publication of the latest book Into the Abyss will be 2nd November 2006 – though copies should be available before hand. This book is based on the BBC TV series ICE DOGS – but also examines the nature of survival, how certain people are able to keep marching on into a blizzard when there seems to be no hope. Indeed, how any of us summon up the will to keep on going, when our world has fallen apart. An extensive tour has been arranged – I hope to meet some of you, indeed ALL of you, around the country!


DVDs now available

DVDs are now available of each of the four main TV series – but not of The Bones of Colonel Fawcett, nor of my other programmes. See elsewhere on the site...


Ice Dogs Book

Publication of the "Siberian book" by Faber and Faber is set for November 2nd this year. HOWEVER the actual title still isn't decided! It will not be "Ice Dogs" because the book is about more than me and my efforts to train my ten heroic dogs, as was captured in the TV series. It's about survival – what we find in ourselves to keep going, when at times of disaster and despair there might seem, on the face of it, to be so little hope...

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