Wild Frontiers

Wednesday 27th January 2016, WILD FRONTIERS at the Royal Geographical Society.

Wild Frontiers logo Wild Frontiers is excited to announce it will be hosting an evening of adventure. Discussing their travels through places as diverse as Oman, Iran, Mongolia and Antarctica will be TV presenter Ben Fogle, award-winning journalist Christina Lamb, explorer Benedict Allen and adventurer Richard Dunwoody.
Ben will recount his amazing journey across Oman's Empty Quarter, while Christina will share stories from her travels in Iran, Benedict will tell of his adventures through Mongolia and Richard will retrace his epic expedition across Antarctica in the footsteps of Shackleton. Hosted by Jonny Bealby, the evening is sure to provide some colourful stories and insight into some of the world's least known tourist destinations.

Admission: £15 per person, £5 of which will go to the Wild Frontiers Foundation to support education projects in Pakistan, Ethiopia & India.

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Winter Lecture: Life on the Edge

Thursday 4th February 2016, BRISTOL MUSEUM Winter lecture series: 7:30pm Tyndall Lecture Theatre, Free Admission.

Bristol Museum logo "Life on the Edge"
Explorer Benedict Allen, famous for not using a GPS, satellite phone or backup, shares some highlights from an extraordinary life as an adventurer. From undergoing an initiation ceremony to make him a man 'as strong as a crocodile', to being shot at by drug barons while crossing the Amazon Basin with the help of the Matses "Jaguar" people.

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Quizeum logo and photo of panelists Monday 7th December at 8:30 pm on BBC 4, Quizeum, and on BBC iPlayer for a short while afterwards. Not my finest performance – I really have spent far too long away alone in deserts and Rain Forests – but I so enjoyed being at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds and among these astounding history brains.

This week The Quizeum visits The Royal Armouries in Leeds, home to the national collection of arms and armour. From medieval knights to the modern day soldier; the Wild West to the Ottoman Empire this extraordinary museum houses a world renowned collection of some 75,000 objects. Being quizzed by Griff Rhys Jones this week are medieval historian Dr Janina Ramirez, historians Professor Kate Williams and Simon Thurley and legendary explorer Benedict Allen.

Monday 14th December at 8:30 pm BBC 4, Quizeum – and afterwards on BBC iPlayer. In one of my favourite museums, the Horniman in Forest Hill, London. I'm afraid my performance was yet worse – I didn't even recognise 4 husky boots (of which my Arctic dog team have used a great many). Oh well– that's what comes of being so lone alone in the wilds. And so fabulous to be among the African bronzes and other eclectic relics again.


Adventure travel Show

Poster for Aventure Travel Show 2015 Saturday 23rd/Sun 24th January 2016 The Adventure travel Show, Olympia, West London. I'm speaking on: Mongolia, Going to Extremes Saturday 23rd 15:00- 15:30.




4th November, at the Mermaid, Blackfriars. I'm speaking at the exciting annual fund-raising dinner in aid of Save The Rhino Trust with cricketer David Gower, natural history film-maker Vanessa Berlowitz, Sky News' Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley and conservationist Charles Burrell.

Sundowner banner Taking inspiration from the Japanese Pecha-Kucha speaking style, five diverse and inspirational individuals will address guests with their own personal take on the Sundowner theme. This exciting and fast pace format, sees our speakers take you on an emotional journey in just 7 minutes, as they talk alongside 20 slides, that show for 20 seconds.

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On The Radio

This Fri 2nd October, on BBC Radio 4, 11:30, hear the first in the three-part radio series Two Men and a Mule – my trek with Inca ruin explorer Hugh Thomson, along with our heroic four legged friend. As the BBC put it:

Photo of Benedict Allen and Hugh Thomson with trusty mule Washington "Accompanied by their trusty mule Washington, renowned explorers Hugh Thomson and Benedict Allen explore the mountains and rainforests of Peru looking for lost cities and traces of Inca civilisation. This arduous trek takes them down off the steep slopes of the Andean cloud-forest into the steamy jungle, down stone-laid Inca paths, across raging rivers and landslides as they trek to the last city of the Incas."


New Autumn Speaking Engagement

FAMILY TRAVEL SHOW, Olympia, London, weekend 31st Oct/ 1st Nov.

For the first time in the UK, there's an event totally dedicated to helping families discover their holiday and travel adventures together.

I'm speaking at 1pm on Sunday Nov 1st, see below:

Benedict with one of his children on his shoulders

  • Benedict Allen: Being an Explorer – with Children!
    Benedict Allen is one of Britain's most prominent explorers – he's probably lived more alone and isolated in hostile conditions than anyone else alive today. However, his wonderful life of freedom and adventure came to an abrupt halt when he had children – or so you might have thought. Benedict shares his thoughts on what's possible – and what is not – when travelling with young kids.


Forthcoming Expedition

Two men and a Mule Two Men and a Mule: On 16th May I'm leaving for a high altitude mule trek, along with adventurer/film director Hugh Thomson – he's also the distinguished author of The White Rock and Cochineal Red (about his ambitious and successful searches for lost settlements among the Inca ruins).

  • Phase One: we'll trace the footsteps of the last Inca Emperors (who held out for a remarkable forty years against the Conquistadores), along the Andes and down into the jungle.
  • Phase Two: we'll search out contemporary "Inca" life – the legacy still apparent (indeed flourishing) in a festival held in the glacial highlands. The results (if we correctly manage the technology) with be heard on BBC Radio 4 in September.

The mule promises to misbehave. Presently I'm trying to source a load of sticks and carrots...


Autumn Speaking Events

4-6th September 2015: Basecamp: Peak District
I'm joining the wonderful Base Camp Festival, giving a Masterclass on Sat 5th about the contents of my survival kit, and also that evening giving a talk – The Naked Explorer – on one of my ventures. Do come for a chat around the camp fire, hear tales of adventures from all sorts of enthusiasts – or simply dance under the stars, or practrise your outdoor skills with like-minded people. See:

12th September 2015: Porlock Arts Festival, Somerset
As part of Explorer Night (the other adventurer that Sat evening being extraordinary motorcyclist Lois Pryce) I'll be talking on my LIFE ON THE EDGE.

Do come along – See: or look up the event page:


New Expedition!

I'm off with Hugh Thomson, the renowned adventurer and explorer of Peru, for a protracted hike with mules this May. It'll be quite high altitude, following the trail of the last Inca ruler as he retreated from the Spanish, and also joining a modern-day religious pilgrimage which has its origins in indigenous culture – and shows the Incas as a force and identity that still survives. The results of our endeavours will be a two part series for BBC Radio 4, to be broadcast in September. I feel the material will be engaging – and also has the merit of being the product of my first excursion for many a year. More ventures to follow, I hope...


The Novel

It's no secret that a large part of my excuse for being hidden for these last few years is that I've been writing a novel on the Congo. In the same way that I hurl myself into an expedition, isolating myself from my culture for many months at a time, I've been isolated in the Congo of my imagination. At last – and not before time, you might say, I have now emerged blinking into the sunlight – not feeling triumphant, but more bewildered. As for whether the effort is worth these years spent – five or is it seven? – we shall soon see. It's now with my literary agent.


Adventure Travel Show

This Sunday 18th Jan at the Adventure Travel Show: at 12:45 Olympia, London.

To Hell And Out Again – details at

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