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More Great Railway Journeys

A book of the BBC TV series.

Authored by Benedict Allen and various other celebrities including Chris Bonington and Victoria Wood, to accompany the BBC TV series. Travelling on trains old and new - from the space-age glamour of Eurostar to the Old Patagonian Express with its steam engine and wooden slat seats.

BA's comment: "My journey, 'From Mombasa to the Mountains of the Moon,' took me through Kenya to the legendary source of the Nile in Uganda. This was a delightful trip, and all recorded on proper film - something of a challenge for me, as I had no experience as a presenter and each reel lasted only a few minutes. I had to get more or less every 'take' exactly right - and made a total mess of the all important opening sequence, our departure from Mombasa station. Thankfully, I got better."


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