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Through Jaguar Eyes

Crossing the Amazon Basin

The story of Benedict Allen's 3,600 mile journey to cross Amazon Basin at its widest point, a trek that took him from Ecuador in the Andes to the Mato Grosso of Brazil, in the SE. Over the course of almost eight months, Benedict took whatever transport was available locally, the greatest physical challenge being the drug operatives of Columbia (Pablo Escobar's people pursued and shot at him) and the dense forests of Brazil, which he was able to negotiate only thanks to instruction from Pablito and family, members of the Matses indigenous community.

BA's comment: "It had taken me ten years to re-visit the Amazon - and now I had almost as many misadventures as the first time. This book was my first along the lines of a conventional travelogue; my objective was simply to record whatever happened as I did a dissection of the great Amazon rainforest. I was helped (and sometimes hindered) by the many varied people I encountered along the way - a few of them shooting me, a few robbing me, but mostly them helping me. Most notable among the helpers were the Matses of Peru, whose role-model might be said to be the jaguar."


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